At your service since 1988      

Ionian Shipping Agency had been established as independent shipping agency in 1988 by mr. Dimitrio Patoucha and a group of professional people in the shipping business of different specifics and since that period developing forward.

Our company has been involved in ships managing and ISM operation.


From 1996 company managed by mr. Andrea Patoucha.


Our head office based at No1 gate of Patras port in Greece.

Also we acting like central shipping agents at ports of Drepano, Elefsis, Aeghion and Messolonghi.


Our company on the market of shipping business keep position of the agency, who fully protect interests of our partners and make the shipping smoothly.

Professional level of services, good reputation of our company and the knowledge of the rules of the business help us to keep good trustable relationship with all parties and establish with new one who choose us once.

ISO 9001:2015 LETRINA SA
Member of the Union of Shipping Agents Patras & Western Greece



Ionian Shipping Agency since 1988
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